Antwan Warren, USA een ouderling en Jehova Getuige

Antwan Warren ouderling bij de Jehova's Getuigen

Iemand die mij aan het hart ligt is Antwan Warren uit de USA. Hij was jarenlang een ouderling bij Het Wachttoren Genootschap.

Hij kwam in aanraking met Anthony Buzzard die met Restoration Fellowship vele goede leerzame video's maakte. 

Antwan Warren schreef een brief aan 40 Gemeentes van Het Wachttoren Genootschap in de USA. Een deel van die brief is als volgt ;

"Time is drawing near for all of you in the religion knows as Jehovahs Witnesses to hear the pure message of the Kingdom as the Messiah Jesus and his apostles taught.The lord Jesus will return to usher in his Kingdom(visibly) and YOU can have a share if you repent and have eyes to see and ears to hear.Going to heaven is false ! No goes to heaven, Jesus and all the saints will rule here on earth(Psalm 37:11, Psalm 115:16).

Greek philosophy has infiltrated "the faith once delivered to the saints"(Jude3).All the faithful of old are in the sleep of death awaiting the return of Jesus in the first resurrection where the faithful ones coming through the Great Tribulation and others resurrected witl receive their reward in a twinkling of an eye at once and the second resurrection wil be after, not during the 1000 years reign according Revelation 20:5.

All must believe in the Kingdom Jesus taught and also believe in him(Acts 8:12). The goal every believer in Messiah is to receive immortality at his return. The message of your organization is a false and different meassage that the apostle Paul warned against in his letter to the Christians in 2 Cor. 11:4 "For as it is, someone comes and preaches a Jesus other than the one we preached, or you recieve a spirit other than what you received, or good news other than what you accepted, you easily put up with him." 

You have been taught a different message by clever thieves who have misled you and will abondon you !(John 10:1). But Jesus is the good sheppard, so look to the son of God the cming King now, then the TRUTH will set you free ! The life in the age to come can be yours! All will be revealed in it's due time .

With love, citizen of the Kingdom.

Antwan Warren , elder of the Jehovah Witness Congregation ( USA)

Teksten die hij aanhaalde en wat hem tot andere gedachtes bracht tegen Het Wachttoren Genootschap ; Romeinen 8:8-10 , 14,29 en Johannes 3:3. Hier gaat erom dat alle mensen samen met Jezus "gezalfd"kunnen zijn en dat dit niet tot een groep van 144.000 alleen was.

Jan Hoekstra



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