Door deze heren werd ik " uitgesloten" ondermeer....rechts Michael E. Jones, filiaal manager in Tbilisi

Mijn Uitsluiting en mijn reactie

Het Wachttoren Genootschap gaat prat op hun uitspraken dat ze God vertegenwoordigen op aarde. God en Jezus zou alles in hun handen geven om de belangen te vertegenwoordigen. Op 12-2018 werd ik medegedeeld dat ik " uitgesloten" was wegens "kritiek op de Leiding".

Mijn aanklacht en verdediging gaat nu van start begin 2019. Zie brief die ik stuurde nadat ik een ontmoeting had met de filiaal houder in Tbilisi, Georgia.......Michael E Jones(USA) :

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Branch Tbilisi           31-12-2018

To Mr. Michael E. Jones, Filial Manager

Dear Sir

As we have spoken at 28-12-2018 on the gate, outside, I should write a letter to you personally about the “decision” without any written letter. So somebody decide to “disfellowship” me and mention that in public from the Congregation. Because am a Bible trust student and anointed teacher who go with the right conscience and pure Gospel so it is rather strange that they go outside the Bible. When somebody has something against me he should talk first with me personally (step1) and after when he think I am wrong he come with another spiritual adult person to visit me (step2). Both are never done. So that is already a fiasco(Isaiah 66:5).

Further I not did any SIN but the sin and crime are done by the Governing Body is my opinion. That I not came to the “Juridical commission” has good reasons because:

Step 1 and 2 was not done; further no any complain was written on the paper before I should enter some “juridical commission or court”. More times I ask but they seem blind and speak like parrots. My human rights were violence and nothing was done according 1 Tim. 5:20 that it should for God this case in a non-secret place with respect for my feelings and defend rights to stand for God. Again that was not done and I see it as a fiasco from your side. The only reason that the Watchtower Religion should disfellowship somebody is that he did a “sin” to God and not repents from it. Both are not in question. The other side is that the GB do a lot of sin (crimes) and even gone so bad that it is written in Ef. 5:11-13 in which level they are in reality. Personally I not believe and trust them at all since 2014; there is no any Bible reason to embraced them than only GIVE THEM UP. Jesus is my only intermediary. The name “ Faithful and Discrete slave” is only a single person in the future when Jesus come back to established his Kingdom ON(epi) earth. The word “governing body” appears in the Bible and is only some invention (corruption) of our self-proclaimed leaders from Warwick to impress us or the members.

The whole matter about some Bible proven disfellowship is not based on the Bible, what you suggest, and the complaints not even proved than only some shouting that I am not agreed with the Governing Body and some flip-flop teachings (what is right). There is no any repentance needed to prove lies of the Governing Body, so based on what you want “disfellowship” me in the name of God ? My Father never use lies or flip flop explanations but we as religion hiding our misinterpretations already 100 years. There are a lot of disturb Gospel matters what hurt me and even in the level of the members it is as they are in capture by that self-proclaimed Governing Body of Warwick. The claims that God and Jesus should trust them (GB) in the constantly flip-flop explanations is totally ridiculous. The last attempt with “overlapping generation” as “new light” and “new truth from God” is a disaster even. It shamed God and Jesus even with such “apostate drifting” lies of the Leaders in Warwick. In the past there was a small amounts of prophets who put that bad Kings of Juda and Israel to the points, like Achab for example. Even Thomas not believed that it was Jesus but Jesus disfellowshipped him? because by the lack of trust or critics, no. So when I have enough Bible reasons, as an anointed follower of Jesus the man(Acts 17:31), to tell you that our Leaders are liars and not representative my Father and Jesus, than prove me from Bible first that I am wrong instead of some poorness to “disfellowship” me because I have an opinion about this Leaders of Warwick.

If you not re-instead and apologize me from this horrible “manmade” shunning practice I must bring you to the civil Court(Romans 13:1-5) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sure it shall be in public as 1 Tim 5:20 advice. Am standing for God and never shall repent to lies of the GB predictions and claims in the name of God. False teachings come from false teachers and false apostles (Deut. 18:21, 22). The GB is responsibility for a disturb gospel which is according Romans 16:17,18.We must hear to God more than any man(Psalm 146:3,4 and Jeremiah 15:5)and left and reset all lies to God and Jesus, otherwise Jesus shall judge them and you with his words of John 8:43-47.

There are many topics and dogma’s which we should immediately reset and put down. It is like Jesus mention in Mathew 11:25 and John 21:25 that our religion is in a very bad shape. You can claim that we are “preaching around the earth” but it is nothing more than Romans 10:2 what you do and the rest is cheap Propaganda and mind-control techniques. All historical matters from Rutherford till today is a proved false religion which failed predictions which is constantly in renewing with one text Proverbs 4:18 which has nothing to do with Bible understandings. 1 Tess 5:21 we should keep what is truth from God and Jesus the man, but left all lies and wrong predictions for ever…..

Uiteraard is er geen belang voor mij om in een "schijn proces" terecht te komen ! Er is geen oprechte rechtvaardigheid bij deze religie "schijn" processen. De "ouderlingen" voeren alleen maar het beleid uit die de Leiders uit Warwick bepalen. Uiteindelijk worden ze zelf misleid en misleiden de Leiders de leden met claims die geen gehoor hebben bij God en Jezus de mens.

Op 06-01-2019 ging ik in Tbilisi naar de "engelse vergadering" van hun en ontmoette een paar leden die werken op het bijkantoor van "Jehova's Getuigen" . Ze hadden mijn brief "gelezen" maar vonden het niet nodig om schriftelijk te antwoorden.....mijn UITSLUITING was gebaseerd op Hebr. 13:7 omdat ik niet LOYAAL was aan Het Bestuur. Je ziet het navolgen van enige mannen is hun schriftuurlijke basis. Dramatisch slecht niveau en hierin kan ik niet veranderen dan te begrijpen dat deze religie VERNIETIGD gaat worden door mijn Koning en mens, Jezus(Openbaring 18:4)

With kindly regards

Luke 9:62

Willibrordus van der Weide






Grondig Getuigenis geef ik aan Het Wachttoren Genootschap dat vele van hun claims vals zijn. De Leiders zijn bewezen valse apostelen en liegende/bedriegende/misleidende mensen.

De Paus beweerde dat hij alleen de Bijbel kon uitleggen. De Leiders van Het Wachttoren Genootschap beweren dat ook. Elke kritische noot tegen hen betekent vervolging.

Maarten Luther his worries about the Pope, the same for me to the Governing Body Popes from Warwick